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Indie game dev at Neat Corp. Recently released Budget Cuts. Creator of Shader Forge & Flowstorm, artist of Unmechanical, creator of the TF2 levels cp_glacier and pl_repository.

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Delta Oct 3, 2018 @ 4:57am 
Hi, a guy in the facepunch discord found some pictures of your TF2 map artpass_acegikmo and it really interested him and me, I looked for any download links but there was nothing to be found. I wondered if you would be able to send me the bsp so we could maybe have playtest of some mountain lab artpasses and explore what could've been. All if you would agree to it of course.
Coolmatt66 Aug 22, 2018 @ 2:01pm 
I found a bug with the level editor. The easiest points to see it at are the sides, and middle left or right.
Kraden [BOB] Dec 21, 2017 @ 2:19pm 
Hey I'm reading through all these garbage posts on the Budget Cuts forum and I just wanted to say, you guys keep working and don't worry about these impatient children. Everyone is crying about how EA makes half-baked games and sells all the core features as "DLC", but then I saw one idiot suggest you guys do exactly that with Budget Cuts.

Don't listen to that kind of idiocy, you release this thing when it's ready and the community will love it. Don't buy into this DLC, microtransaction BS.
ThalacalibuR 龍 Aug 30, 2017 @ 1:18pm 
Can't wait for budget cuts!
Syrsly - Twitch Aug 16, 2017 @ 4:59am 
Added in case you want to play VR games or hang out in BigScreen. No pressure. Good luck with Budget Cuts. The demo was great. Shader Forge is also pretty cool.