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I tried really hard to like this game. The gameplay looked fantastic, the story seemed deep and well thought out. Plus, it's a game made by Obsidian. What else could I ask for! If I'm not being clear already, this seemed like a game I would enjoy a lot.

+ The game is somewhat large.
+ Biomes are interesting, varied enough.
+ The mood is dystopian and eerie.
+ A good reputation system.
+ A Time dilatation system! Amazing for sneaky sniper gameplay!
+ Characters are deep enough so you care (albeit, barely).
+ Fun character-specific interruptions during dialogues to make it feel for alive.
+ Weapons aesthetics are great.
+ Non-speaking protagonist, it's very well suited for this type of game.
+ Good UI. Stylised, without being over the top. Some quirks but nothing game breaking.

Game Controls
The game controls are slow and clunky in general, especially noticeable in combat. Buttons not responding, a typical scenario: Heated battle, can't jump over that, can't reload press twice, try to step back a bit from the heat, hit a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sliding rock, stuck in between them, thought you reloaded press and hold the fire button, nothing happen, release it gun finally reloads, HEALS NOT HEALING AHHHH WHY?! You die, from that stupid reptile thing aimboting you with an acid vomit ball projectile from 300m away.
Basically, you can't jump higher than a foot. Rocks are all slippery and clearly act as annoying invisible walls yet rocks and stuff are everywhere.

Inventory Management
Omg. There are 4324892 kinds of food and potions and whatnot that barely feels like it enhance your stats. You're not sure where or when to use them since you have but one of that type of potion from that corporation confusing everything. So they all get stuck in your inventory because ♥♥♥♥ might be useful when I'm getting my ass kick at some place! Look, I could go on, I hate it.

Visuals Hurt?!
There is something wrong with the visuals of the game in general. They introduced the option to remove the chromatic aberration without any INI hack, thankfully! But there is still something wrong. I can't play this game more than an hour or two because my head hurts and my eyes become strained. I am used to play way longer sessions on other games without any problem. I cannot pinpoint what's causing this.

They barely do anything. All they do is complain and die. It's not even funny. At least they serve a good taunt before dying. They always scream at you for not using the "right weapons" when I 2/3 shots a mob.

Character Creation
Yeah, if you thought Mass Effect Andromeda was bad, think again.

I am sad.

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