Stephen/Steffen/Stoof/Stephanie/Blissy/Absol   United States
Ohh yknow, just living my life as if I didn't have one .^.

You see this profile pic? It was made by This amazing person right here.
She's one of the greatest artists I know. ^_^
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Hi. I'm Bliss. Or Stephen. Or Trains. Whatever you prefer to call me.
Some people refer to me as Trains because it was my username for a loooooong time.

I love people, unless they're unreasonable douchebags.
If you're an unreasonable douchebag, I'm either going to laugh at you or ignore you.

I love video games, music, contemplating life, and loving things/people.
I'm especially obsessed with 2 things: Pokemon and House Music.

Wanna add me? Go ahead, but if I don't know you I'm declining, sorry. Also, I very VERY rarely trade, so don't expect much from me there...unless I'm on an actual trade server.

Know me from a long time ago and wanna add me back? Please do, but if I don't recognize your username then I might decline that as well...may be a good idea to remind me who you are.

Have anything to say to me or anything to the world in general? Don't be afraid to message me.

That's pretty much it. Have fun stalking my profile, and have a wonderful day. c:
Ameerps Aug 17 @ 9:56pm 
You need to just be a stay at home dad and that's it.
Bliss Aug 10 @ 11:22pm 
Yynxie the Nimbat 雪子 Aug 10 @ 2:58pm 
Your Absol needs more macro, paws, and squishing.

GamerGem Jul 29 @ 3:10pm 
*Notices ur Absol* OwO?
FROYO b4nny Jul 23 @ 1:26pm 
salty boy:steamsalty:
Alpha Jun 18 @ 5:18pm 
I had no interaction with this person what so ever execpt for getting scammed when i asked for a fox girlfriend. This person seems cool