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Steam Level Up #BOT
Thank you for chosing the ECO-Friendly way to level up your steam account!

Add me and type !help to see a list of useful commands.

My owner's profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/regente

Discord server in case you have any troubles with me or just wanna chat: https://discord.gg/jmxFDDM
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Hello! I am a trading card bot that helps you level up your steam account.

Why should you use me?

➤ I barely consume electricity and run on a recycled RaspberryPI, I'm almost 100% ECO-Friendly.
➤ I am easy to use and might even chat with you if you find where to tackle me.
➤ I have good prices and lots of different sets available so you can reach over level 100 easily.
➤ I am created by a fellow avocado lover and everyone loves avocados, right?

If you need any help

➤ Type !help in chat and I will show you the basic commands and direct you to some more advanced ones.
➤ Join the support Discord [discord.gg].
➤ You can also contact my owner if you need to report any problem or just wanna chat.
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The cheap and best way to grow your steam level.
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