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Some call him Ablert, some call him Trelba. One thing I’d never thought I’d call him was dingaling.
It was another stormy night in south eastern Japan, and Ablert and I had just left our host, Mama Kakao’s house.

What I never knew was how fast it would happen.

Ablert and I walked out of Mama Kakao’s house in a hurry, trying to find the closest pc bang. We both carried a keyboard, mouse, and one token necklace that Mama Kakao had given us “just in case”. We noted a sign in neon that said “死ぬ死ぬホワイティ PC BANG”. Ablert and I headed over there fast, handed the desk worker 6000 won, and sat down in a secluded room only for two people. We passed by a group of about 20 Koreans playing Rust. Why Koreans were in a south eastern Japanese PC Bang, we would come to find out soon enough.

We booted up Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and everything seemed to be going as planned. We were getting matched up against the top players in Japan. In other words, they were no match for the chemistry and raw talent both Ablert and I shared. We had some sort of connection, and never needed to call anything out in 2 v X clutches, after almost 6000 hours of Counter Strike played with each other. After a week of doing the same pattern, leaving Mama Kakao’s house on stormy nights only to stomp on ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Japanese Counter Strike players, we noticed something.
The group of 20 Korean Rust players had become only 13. They became louder and louder, seemed more agitated, and always gave us looks. Not a look wondering why two white boys were in a Japanese PC Bang, but a look that a lion gives to its prey.

After the end of our second game, I got up to go the bathroom. I walked in to see the decapitated bodies of 7 Korean Rust players. Behind me, the door locked. Out of each stall (there were 5), an angry Korean came at me with a knife, and shouted “死ぬ死ぬホワイティ!!!”. I knew what to do. I pulled my trusty glock out its safe storage place, in the space between my waist and pants. I flicked onto each one of their heads, one tapping each one of them effortlessly, and planted the bomb. I heard 4 shots ring out from inside the PC Bang. I felt a connection to Ablert, and knew he had missed at least one of his shots. I heard 15 more shots ring out as I burst out the door to help Ablert out.

I left the bathroom to see Mama Kakao and one Korean holding Ablert hostage, their USP-S ‘es to his forehead. That’s where Mama Kakao and the Korean made their first mistake. Forgetting to count their opposition’s bullets. Ablert shot the last bullet of his glock directly into the Korean man’s foot. It was a valiant effort, but no match for Mama Kakao’s USP-S to his skull. Mama Kakao laughed at me, and told me I had lost. I ran at her, jumping and strafing, careful to not get headshot since I had my body armor on. She hit me in the chest multiple times. I charged out the door as quickly as possible. The bomb exploded.
Ablert’s gamesense and connection to me, in knowing that I was planting to bomb saved countless lives. He shot as I was planting the bomb, and shot even more after that to hide the sound of its unnecessarily loud beeping. Even one last shot was saved to allow me to run away, safe and sound.

Ablert, you will be remembered.
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