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Abdullah Safwan Hashmi   Pakistan
#YouTuber www.youtube.com/TrickyTorials
Check it out for amazing CS:GO Tips, Tricks and Smokes
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Won't be able to do some Counter Strike actions lately, as I'm in Hostel....
(Trading is still up, dun't worri)

*Astralis Fan Boi*
Favorite Player: Clutch Minister

My Config [pastebin.com]
My Autoexec [pastebin.com]
My Trading History [drive.google.com]
My 2nd Knife Campaign [drive.google.com]
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Steam Artwork Design - Glitch Clouds by Qenoxis
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Skins starting from SG 553 Pulse aren't for trade, don't send trade offers of them

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lookNshady 16 gen, ore 13:59 
Trade sent again bro
subscribe to azzy 13 gen, ore 14:21 
add me i have a good offer to you
amaze 13 gen, ore 9:40 
交易刀 Black Pearl 13 gen, ore 8:49 
add me i want your knife i have a good offer for that.
Rado 11 gen, ore 13:28 
-rep huge lowball
0uTLawS -THR 1 gen, ore 4:27