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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Aug 14 @ 3:02am

Make an entrance

Jump through 10 windows
Unlocked Jun 22 @ 6:11am

Mumbo Combo

Get a 10x combo
Unlocked Jun 22 @ 7:22am


Get a 20x combo
Unlocked Jun 23 @ 11:22am

Sk8, don't h8

Kick a skateboard in to the face of an enemy
Unlocked Jun 22 @ 7:13am

Think fast

Kick a Gas Canister in to the face of an enemy
Unlocked Jun 22 @ 7:14am

Knife to meat you

Stick a knife in to an enemy
Unlocked Jun 22 @ 7:17am

Flying pan

Kill enemy by ricocheting bullet off frying pan
Unlocked Jun 22 @ 6:14am

Barrely saw it coming

Kill an enemy using a barrel
Unlocked Jun 23 @ 11:12am

They probably deserved it

Kill 500 enemies
Unlocked Jun 22 @ 7:25am

Gold star for you

Get an S-rating
Unlocked Jun 22 @ 7:25am

One for the road

Finish chapter "Old Town"
Unlocked Aug 14 @ 3:09am

Leap of faith

Finish chapter "District Null"

Because video games

Break 100 crates

Three birds, one explosion

Kill at least 3 enemies with one explosion

Ah, Combon now!

Get a 50x combo

Well done

Kick a frying pan in to the face of an enemy


Juggle basketball 10 times without it touching anything

Table service

Flip 10 tables


Dodge 1000 bullets

Yes you can

Kick enemies 100 times

Murderous tendencies

Kill 1000 enemies

Questionable moral

Kill 2000 enemies


Get S-rating on 10 levels

Brush your shoulders off

Get S-rating on 25 levels

S for Sensei

Get S-rating on all levels

Numb fingers

Complete a level without firing a weapon

What just happened?

Finish chapter "Pedro's World"

Train of thought

Finish chapter "The Sewer"

Connection lost

Finish chapter "The Internet"

Face the truth

Finish the game