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shithead confirmed -some girl

btw im 12 haHAA

are you ready?
jfc NA get it right

listen.. just have chill dreams and hopeful vibes
live your life
love yourself
learn for the better
fight a little longer my friend
its all worth it in the end.

ex-CoD4 pro

instrumental, pop, rock, metal, alternative, country, edm, one ok rock, nujabes, hipster fanboy, all the above
btw i swear im not a weeb but i like cartoons ~ rebecca <3

love. hate. life. death. good. evil. light. dark. to. witness. is. to. become. see. think. create. passion. envy. pure. malice.
listen as you think about what you just read above listen here


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insert feelsmote here:
You know.. I just want to say, I understand.. Sometimes it's hard. It's hard to be nice, or maybe its hard to be mean. Sometimes its hard to say what you're feeling, and sometimes it's hard to keep what you're feeling to yourself. I get it. I understand that sometimes you have to walk away, that things get stressful and maybe make you a nervous wreck. That sometimes all you can do is shut down and try and tell yourself not to care, to forget about it all. I think that may just be the hardest, To forget all the memories and feelings. To act like none of it ever happened. Maybe it's rebuilding that gets to us. We think we can fix ourselves, that we can start over anew but really it's always there. Maybe it's just me, but when I love someone, they always have a spot in my heart. I can't ignore that person when they're hurting, I have to keep myself from hugging them when I see them, and It's not the same kind of love as it was before but the kind where If it came down to it, I'd be there for them, always. Things happen and maybe they're left there to be an embraceful meaning. Don't let go of it. Miss it and cherish it. It's filled with such warmth that nothing else shall compete with. Until you develop a nice friendship, it'll truly be worth remembering.
#restinpeaceBlake #RIPCHESTER #restinpeaceLily 7/24/17

don't let people suffer alone.

best final fantasy ending :(
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LegitBear Jul 8 @ 10:35pm 
luv u 2 bbycakes but im already engaged but it's okay you can be the side bae:heart::heart:
LegitBear Jul 6 @ 6:16pm 
Nothing gonna tear us apart boo :heart::heart:
LegitBear Jul 6 @ 6:15pm 
I gotcha fam I love you and compliment you. Cause you beautiful the way you are ;)
michell Jul 5 @ 3:39pm 
yeah i delete compliments
michell Jul 5 @ 2:59pm 
comment deleter aaron
Chad Jul 5 @ 8:33am 
I'm taken..