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race car vroom vroom Jan 17 @ 10:23pm 
Can you please price The Zoom Bot to sell Puffy Polar Caps? preferably for 2.33, if so I will buy them all ASAP in bulk.
race car vroom vroom Jan 14 @ 10:17am 
Adding to discuss The Zoom bot and possibly offering to buy a lot of your winter 2017 mercenary grade cosmetics in bulk.
squnqy Jan 8 @ 2:24am 
an australium gold superfan that costs like 7 or 8 ref but your bot sells for 1 key nice prices even the color doesnt cost that much
fluorescentbrown Jan 7 @ 7:21am 
just wanna let you know your bot says ‘25/7’ on every listing as oppose to ‘24/7’. Might wanna change that ;)
KritzyTomaks™ Jan 2 @ 5:55am 
Hey there!
I saw a listing for your Iron wood mk.II war paint ( battle-scarred) and I would like to buy it, I would like to talk to you privatly, friend request sended.
Thank you!
♥ Remi Kat ♥ (Meowlaxing) Dec 25, 2018 @ 4:58am 
I can't believe it took me 6 retries of sending a trade offer over and over again before it finally accepted. Seriously! It kept losing its reclaimed or refined and it was just ridiclous. https://imgur.com/a/am2G0rF Here's an image of all the fails