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I'll prolly die 'cause that's what you do when you're 17
All worries in a hurry, I wish I controlled things

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7:41 PM - Phoenix: *turns lamp towards your face* just how lit WERE you...?
7:41 PM - Novieboy 6: *turns on two lamps* bout dis lit do - pretty lit
7:42 PM - Phoenix: *turns on football field lights* THIS lit?
7:43 PM - Novieboy 6: *turns on lighthouse beam* NAH B DIS LIT
7:43 PM - Phoenix: YOU SURE YOU AINT... *makes sun rise* THIS LIT?

The Truth:
Your words are intellectual but you have more potential.
Introspect, and spend less time playing games.
Go to the closest bit of nature and take your shoes off.
Somewhere you know hasn't been laid out as grass or hasn't been touched for years.
Stand there and look up at the sky, take in the enviornment. Feel the wind on your skin.
Feel the sunlight.
Understand that we are all meant for more then we have been told we can achieve.
You may remember this phrase, it was said in school so many times.
"You can be anything you want to be."
Then when you get older you come to the 'realization' that "Nah, that's bullshit."
Because it's true if you go to school, and go to college and get a scholarship and do everything right.
You are still inherently in debt over $50k due to the national debt.
And on top of the fact that you are already being taxed because of this national debt, (through tax at the store when you buy things; groceries, fast food, water, ect) you have your actual paycheck taxed before you get to spend it in the first place.
Where ever you decide to take your life will never result in happiness unless you lower your expectations. That is the way of cowardice.
Or blaze a path for yourself and find not a niche for yourself, but claim something of your own and leave something to be remembered. Discover something, be something unique, live life free and without worry.
And first and foremost.
Introspect. Meditate in the ways you can, and find /yourself/.
- Divinity


** [A fit, young, athleti...] scRAED N,no I do nt kNow What to Do, Looking, Sweating Scared, I dont Know What t o DO!!!! And then.. I sudenly Rleift my Shirt To rEVEAL my Gun
Which is Very Tall in Height and Stature!!!!!! I Slopw.y.. CgRB IT, Riains it .. And he says "Do you Wantt dTO eND uP ION THE sAME PaiLOEE???' He Says lOUD.

sit at fire wondering about friend who die and friend die make him sad and angry and he say why friend die have to die???

fall to floors with mad face as gun in hand shoot at the mans with a bang a hole in guys face as blood pops

eazt thee drugs as fiting de cumbean n sulldur guns shoting the man ate tiems

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. - President John F. Kennedy
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