твоя мама   Tambov, Tambovskaya oblast, Russian Federation
hi i'm russian and i know how to say cyka blyat and i'm also not gay.
rainbow seven siege - i am carried plat. legit trash.
counter strike global conolingus - i am gold nova. so basically im pro.
harts of steel four - are there even ranks in this game
player unknowns semengrounds - i dont even know

thank you for visiting. dont come again bye
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nerd had hacks and had a team carrying his fat ♥♥♥, and continued to talk ♥♥♥♥ like he was doing useful things
Reproductive Organ Rights Jun 28 @ 3:56pm 
♥♥♥♥ you
♥ Dark Angel ♥ Jun 27 @ 11:22pm 
omg watch it
♥ Dark Angel ♥ Jun 27 @ 11:21pm 
he was walling lmao
-KAM- ugh.john May 31 @ 10:33pm 
didnt let me suck allu toes dissapointed