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Hello, is it me, you’re looking for?…

Bana yar olmayan devr-i devranin, izzet-i ikramını sikeyim
Yansın bu ibneler,
Su veren itfaiyenin hortumunu sikeyim
Ben deli miyim?.,.Mecnun gibi bir am için çöllere düşeyim,
Verirse verir, vermezse Leyla'yı da sikeyim

Ease is the greater threat to progress than hardship
Denzel Washington

If you don't do it nothing is possible if you try to do it at least you have the hope
Jack Ma

"Every journey starts with fear"
Jake Gyllenhaal

"Do u have the courage to act outwardly for what u feel inwardly"
Bishop T.D. Jakes

"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future"
Dan Pena

"You will never achieve anything greater than your highest aspiration
Dan Pena


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