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🐦 Bill 🐦 Nov 28 @ 2:57am 
They opened it, im proud
🐦 Bill 🐦 Nov 24 @ 8:19am 
I will open my comments when @IloveCandies opens theirs
🐦 Bill 🐦 Nov 21 @ 12:06pm 
lmfao we were both running to the exit gate and he went for u for legit 5 secs u lasted then he came for me and i actually ran him and looped him unlike u and i revived u and he came for me after u dumbass until i lost him again, then he came for u cus u went for the puzzle box and he teleported to u and u lasted 20 secs thats when i had to 99 the gate but u got downed in 20 secs learn to loop pls
sare Nov 21 @ 12:02pm 
i was literally downed then he chased me again LMAO just be a better survivor
🐦 Bill 🐦 Nov 21 @ 11:52am 
thats funny i did gens and at the end game while i was being chased and looped instead of opening a gate or taking chase instead u decided to solve pinheads puzzle and lasted like 20 secs in a chase when he finally lost me plus he had bbq if he didnt i wouldve came but it was ur fault
sare Nov 21 @ 11:46am 
-rep did half a gen then left me to die :l