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Pornhub free premium 4. apr. kl. 13:30 
wtf what i do in my private time is none of your buisness!!!!
The MUFUCKIN Lord 4. apr. kl. 13:29 
Pooma Pooma Pooma.... If I catch you in your mothers underwear drawer again having a good Ol' sniff, there's gonna be big problems young man.
Fredricks Son (3rd) 4. apr. kl. 12:53 
Cringe Lord thinks he is funny because he knows the n word, + gambler. Sign: Tom Scowen
Snizzy 22. mars kl. 11:44 
nice genitals bro
Chaplad 22. mars kl. 10:08 
imagine hacking in a game lmao sad ♥♥♥♥
spear 15. mars kl. 10:12 
you've been visited by the deadly spear. Say "I love you dear spear" if you don't want to be stabbed by hefty mouse scrolls