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Vi' Sitter Har Venter Oche Spiller Litter Dota

<3 Hardstyle, Trance, Eurodance, Hard dance, etc.

Fuck, 2007 feels like it was just yesterday XD

Part Kazakhstan Part Russian, gotta VAC ban, that's all ya need to know.

Windows Longhorn is my favorite series of builds for Windows

THIS ACCOUNT IS IN USE VERY RARELY. I GOT VAC'd. NEW ONE: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198323210422

S'ven Jaschan is my hero


hello and welcome too the computer aided enrichment center of aperture science. GLaDOS the genetic lifeform and disc operating system murdered most of us. Heres the history,
In 1946, Aperture Science is founded by Cave Johnson, as a shower curtain manufacturer.
As far as 1982, the Enrichment Center, where Test Subjects undergo tests, is functioning, as the Enrichment Center Test Subject Application Process, a 50-question questionnaire destined for applying Test Subject, is already used at that time. the Enrichmentent Center Test Subject Application is operated by version 1.07 of GLaDOS, later "1.07a" and "1.09".[7] In 1985, the Aperture Image Format is created.[5]In 1986, our word reaches Aperture Science management that Black Mesa is working on a similar portal technology. In response to this news, Aperture Science begins developing GLaDOS.[7] It is unknown why and how her name was already in use as far as in 1973. In 1985, the Aperture Image Format is maintained by Doug Rattmann.[5] In 1996, after a decade spent bringing the Disk Operating System parts of GLaDOS to a state of more or less basic functionality, work begins on the Genetic Lifeform component.[7] During that time, the Aperture Science Red Phone plan is implemented in case GLaDOS appears to become sentient and godlike, requiring an employee to sit by a red phone on a desk in GLaDOS chamber's entrance hall.[9] In 1997, GLaDOS's version is 3.11.[5]In May 200-, our untested AI of GLaDOS is activated for the first time as one of the planned activities on Aperture's first annual bring-your-daughter-to-work day. Upon being activated, she almost instantly becomes self-aware, takes control of the facility, locks everyone inside, floods the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin, E&(&&*&&&^*&* A typical Test Chamber in the Enrichment Center.
Some time after GLaDOS' takeover of Aperture Laboratories the Enrichment Center seems to be long abandoned, and GLaDOS seems to rule it alone, although other people are apparently still trapped somewhere.[9] The scribblings left by Ratan also seem rather old, showing that the Enrichment Center has been partially abandoned for some time. A calendar named "The girls of Aperture Science", dated 1983, is also rather worn-out. Chell is awakened in her Relaxation Vault in the Enrichment Center, and is guided as a Test Subject by GLaDOS,While the A.I. shows signs of instability. When GLaDOS attempts to murder Chell at the end of her tests, she flees through maintenance areas of the Enrichment Center, and eventually seemingly destroys GLaDOS, before being dragged away inside by the Party Escort bot.

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yuou have put russia to shame with your zabi yiffin, ya happy?
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:emarke: I feel like that Zabivaka picture is lewd. :emarke:
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