Aleksander   Pomorskie, Poland
- Main Scout (6s) and Spy (HL) for team Amicitia
- Trade me | link []
- Favourite classes: Scout, Spy, Soldier, Sniper
- Discord: derdan#4737

-=Interesting convos with interesting players=-
Woken: Will we have to voice-chat in the season though?
MetalCloud: Of course
Woken: god damn can't we chat just?
MetalCloud: How tf?
Woken: chat in discord..
MetalCloud: Type in discord? While in the match?!
Woken: ye

lucifer : ez game
derdan : sure dude
lucifer : so the 300 pound kid
lucifer : i rekt you and you team
lucifer : no stfu
lucifer : ez win
lucifer : btw
derdan : ??
derdan : you lost and bottom scored btw

Morgan: your sniper was sospicious to me
Morgan: i hardly got outsniped in my carreer
Morgan: so he's either a top mid sniper
Morgan: or a hacker
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Wtf is that self pronotion in my comment section?
fishska Aug 12 @ 12:16am 
Fishska is a gentle, kind, and funny guy, that you'll come to love over the years that you will have or are having with him. His troll-like personality over the internet will make you giggle, even laugh on some occasions. His egoistic mind is sometimes kept subtle. Overall, if you fall head over heels with Fishska, do not, under any circumstance, let him go. You will feel miserable and disgusting. Trust me.

I know Fishska and he's awesome.
ConsoleG Aug 1 @ 6:17am 
Added to discuss about a certain account
magg Jul 24 @ 11:58pm 
Idk why this offer on bp tf didnt expired. Sorry nfs atm. Gl in up coming season
fishska Jul 20 @ 10:31am 
nah dude
kastrol Jul 14 @ 3:38pm 
why derdan red