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Hi! I see that you have stumbled upon my profile, or you probably have been here before, well... let me tell you something, it just ain't easy for me to generalize myself. so, I like being a mystery anyway! ^_^ lol its just fun! I’m not trying to be a mystery intentionally, because the thing is, I just genuinely am…! ;) oh I can be very open and honest with myself, all it takes is for you to just get to know me or just ask… [] =) (its pretty much like that with everybody you meet anyway, and its also why I find it fun to meet new folks and make new friends with anyone. oh and by the way, if you choose to add me, please leave a comment so that I can know why and at least know you are human, if you know what I mean.)


Here is something about me, Personality wise:
Where do I start? Who am I...!? What’s it to ya! :P lol I got nothing! I'm not very good with telling a little bit about myself, but I'm very independent, I like having some solitude (some time to myself) and being around others just as much. And what's enough to describe me, I'm a Jack Of All Trades kind of guy, I'm adventurous, I like giving things a try and doing many many things (WOOOO!!! BRING IT!) . I'm very open-minded about the way I view things, not very judgmental, I hate any kind of discrimination, can’t stand hearing or seeing any of it. The only thing I look at in an individual is your character and personality, it's who you are and the only thing that matters to me, everything else, I look past all of that. I'm also a lighthearted by nature kind of person, very carefree and very energetic, hyperactive… :P (also kindhearted, just good-natured). I am VERY unconventional, yeah, I can be pretty whacked, very weird, wild and crazy! :P lol or should I say… random… Other then that I'm very easygoing (very easy, I don’t like being taken advantage of, but I’m a hard nut to crack) and I’m also a very honest person, I’m very true to my words. Yet I’m also very generous, seriously though, don’t ask, I ain’t Santa Claus. :P lolz And I like to joke around!! 8D XD lol I love joking around with others! Toy, taunt, tease, and prank around with others…! Mostly light heartedly. XD I'm such a goofball... <=) oh and whatever you do... don't ever underestimate me, because I might getcha when you least expect it... >=) lol oh yeah…! I'm quite a trickster (Playful Trickster to be more exact) . :P I’m just messing with ya… ;) as you can see, I am very very animated and Lively, but I guess Energetic describes that already! :P heheh…

I can be a lot of things; there are times where I may not seem like a whole lot of this. We all have different sides of our own personality you know…and yet... there is a whole lot more to me... its better to try and get to know someone than be quick to judge... that ain't such a good idea, especially with a person like me, I may seem like the kind of person one could take advantage of, but don't let that fool you... you've been warned... =/ I have a bad ego (due to experience with others)… -_- But its fun getting to know others though…! ^_^

Note: if you do happen to experience a different side of my own personality, there is a chance that I might seem like a completely different person at times… <.< they can go pretty deep… just so you're aware… that’s all...

More info down below in showcase, sorry smart/cell phone peeps... <=/ don't worry about it! it'll be gone or edited soon.
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Welcome to my Stinkin Profile! lol
OK, lets cut to the point, I feel that what I'm about to say is unnecessary, but at the same time it's worth it for understanding. I'm an Outcasted and alienated person from experience, due to this I don't know what to believe in life or who to even trust, I have gained psychological damage and problems from this. I don't like onesidedness or biasness, hence I don't pick sides unless I have a reason. am I an ally? foe? or somewhere in-between? neither, I just am as I am, I'm whatever I choose to be or do, I like to adapt. I'm just trying to do whatever it takes to achieve something in life, but I do like helping others. I'm someone who has no true alignment, Trust is something you earn (I can be Trustworthy/loyal, but I have my own motives from what I'm doing). I am a Genuine person, honesty and persistence are my strongest traits. I have no restricted set of preferences, because I like to be adventurous anyway! despite the fact that I am a Genuine Mystery, everything I have said so far reflects that in my nature. I am a very Talkative chatterbox kind of person. My personality does in some way appear to go through drastic changes like I may seem like a different person, this is all just different sides of my personality (no, I do not have multiple personalities, just different sides of my personality that go pretty deep). This can also be due to me being misunderstood from my own personality, a lot from me can be deceiving. Remember, be careful what you choose to think or assume around me, because that may only make you look foolish, don't underestimate me, that can be pretty easy to do with me (lots of people tend to anyway).

In other words, I'm just a loner who likes to be around other people from time to time. While all the people I meet tend to come and go. You may think that's sad, but I think it's rather adventurous! Old people move on as you eventually meet new people. Life is not all bright colorful colors or dark grim and gloomy, it's all a matter of how you choose to look at it from your own perspective!
I'm really just a free spirit who's very high spirited and self-aware of himself, as I don't really care what others think of me. ^_^

Personality Type ENFP []

Enough talk! Gaming is the whole reason I'm on Steam! I'm an All-around Gamer! I play on other platforms besides just computers. but when I'm on Steam, I'm usually playing most of my most played games on Steam, such as Team Fortress 2 and some MOBA's or any other games. oh and TF2, what about it, its great fun! =D I'm Game for anything! oh and one more thing, if you just so happen to be in-game yourself, chances are I might pop in and join you! ;)

Likes & Dislikes (clicky here on these headlines)
I’m pretty easy, not picky, yet don’t have any personal preference. BECAUSE I’M ADVENTUROUS! WOOOO!! BRING IT!!!

Wait, you…? Want to add me…? (click this headline, very mandatory),
Wait wait, hold on a sec, I honestly don't think you would, and I don't know why you would, people come, and people go, so let me just tell you your possible future with me. Basically something may happen like you'll leave after some kind of misunderstanding with me (which you would be unaware of) or irrationally. As much as part of me would love to meet new people or possibly make new friends, it almost seems irrelevent and pointless after experience and after experience and so on (in other words, people just seem to grow distant from me over time, there isn't really anything I can really do about that, and I dislike it). <=/ To be a friend is someone who will try to work things out and try to understand each other (many seem to "fail" this from my experience), and friends also stick together. If one can't do both of these two things, then you really can't do any of the other things together (such as talking and doing whatever yada yada)... None of this really seems to happen from my experience (very common).

But if you still insist, please know that I don't remove/abandon anyone, because you'll pretty much do that yourself instead, I can almost garantee it... Thanks for stopping by and reading! =)

Online: I’m probably thinking to myself while getting lost in my overactive imagination while just listening to some music (daydreaming or Meditating), chances are I could be playing a non-steam game (if I don’t respond for a long time), or I could be trying to find somebody to talk to, and doing pretty much anything you could possibly do on the computer. and… I guess, you could talk to me..? sure, why not, of course…! lel (I’d be more then glad…thanks…)
in-game: I’m playing a game on steam, what else! =D lol if somebody were to message me while i’m playing a game, it probably would catch me by surprise, but i’m playing a game, chances of me responding back.. meh, I can’t really say to be exact. depends on my mood. *shrugs* =/ but thanks though… =) (just be careful though, don’t want to be to distracting while I’m playing, thats really with anybody for that matter.. heh..) why not join in! =)
Away: I left my computer, went off somewhere, leave a message if you’d like…hmmm… that would be nice…I’ll get back to you…thanks for the message…
Busy: well I’m busy… very unlikely for me to even respond… Do not disturb… who knows, I might message you even though I am busy.. XD I guess you could leave a message and I’d respond after I’m done being busy. if I do happen to respond back even when I’m busy, well then what a surprise, I’m getting distracted, and getting off task.. <.< I should talk later, heh..
Wants to play: hmmm…either I am bored and feel lonely and I just want to do something with someone… then yeah…
Wants to trade: uuuh..<.<; I”d rarely even find myself using this.. o_O I probably wouldn’t, but you never know. I probably definitely won’t…
Offline: I’m DEAD…!!! 8D wait, thats not a good thing..! <.< naaah, I’ve left my computer… if it was set to away and then goes to offline, then I left my computer for so long it decides to go into sleep mode. or… Steam goes offline while I’m still at the computer but doesn’t go back Online… some Steam Client bug I believe… or I may have set it to Offline as I probably don’t want to be bothered…sorry…
Snooze: I left my computer for so long it goes to away and then decides to do this instead of going offline since I haven’t returned to my computer at all… I’m probably gone…until then…

If I’m Online but it goes to away and then Offline/Snooze… Chances are I’m playing a game on a different platform such as a Console or Handheld. hey, I’m an All-around Gamer..! (if I’m on mobile, same things above apply!)

NOTE OF UPDATING: Dang, well that’s a lot of info!!! o_O lol XD well duh! <=D I will try and UPDATE this from time to time, hopefully with everything being shorter. :P
Alsonic24 Jul 11 @ 4:50pm 
ah ok, yeah I noticed on your profile.
Specter Jul 11 @ 4:42pm 
i got hacked ,invite me
۩≈PoF≈۩ Sjru the pony ♥ Dec 30, 2017 @ 3:22pm 

  ,·´ ¸,·´`) : * * *
 (¸,·´ (¸:: I wish you the best in this New Year 2018!

I hope for you that this new year fares better than the last one, that you get your resolutions done, that you stay with loved ones and gets lotsa prosperity! :fhappy:
After all, each year should be better than the last one!

Good luck, have fun! :tgrin:

With love and affection,

~Sjru ♫
۩≈PoF≈۩ Sjru the pony ♥ Dec 24, 2017 @ 12:52pm 
         *♥•♥▬#♠ ♥#▬♥•*♥*   
        *♥♫♥♥▬♫♥ ♥♫▬♥*♫*   
      *♥☺♥☺♥♫*♣♥♫♥☺♥☺ ♥*   
    *♥♣♫♥♣♥☺♥♫♥☺♥� �♫♣♥*   
    *♥♥☺♣♥♫♥♥♫♥☺♥♫ ♥♣☺♥♥*

I wish you the best for this Christmas and that your wishes become true~ :fhappy:!

With love,

WanaBK8(B-day in 2 days) Sep 16, 2017 @ 7:10pm 
Added cuz i think we have plenty of things in common ^^. I think there is always something good and common people can find between eachother if possible and i think so with us c:
Bomeyo Mar 16, 2017 @ 8:06pm 
My god the amount of effort you go into just going so deep into something so very simple is quite amazing in my honest opinion and to be honest for that reason I'd love to add you even if it "Most likely will fail". Decided I'd leave this comment before I pressed add friend so I hope it helps me getting to that goal right?