💀Angel the Dragon💀
QUINTON   Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States
:steamhappy: *we are the Warriors that build this town*

My stuff will be updated time to time

im not mean im nice i like to roleplay

(Read more first before addeding me)

If someone wants to breed that's cool with me an I want a relationship in the real world to.😀

Anyone like my abs

gender: male

Race:wolf/dragon a mixed breed. An girl shark

What's wrong with my sexy abs and color



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Hello people I don't know my name is angel I'm a calmly collection person an I like to hang out do camping with girls not guys but is you love to rp like crazy then me and you have something in common that we have but if you are a level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 or higher I will accept your friend request to chat or play games.:steamhappy:

Skype:just ask

😵why is the world so cold counting the days if you as so far way so far away nothing but lies living with my self i feel num i cant come to life living in the shell with no soul😵from three days Grace

I'm a big soft dragon and keeps my friends safe

If you guys want your names in fallout shelter just ask

No more group invites because if its not tf2 or furrys an bronys I will not join "at all"

Miss Angel :bisexual

Angel the Dragon age:118 years old. An he likes to be kind an cuddling to girls an keeping them safe from harm

His eyes:hazle

I also have discord: Angel the dragon#9398
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Guess I'll wait till I'm friended. Lol XD
♌ Godzilla Zsolt ♌ Oct 21 @ 7:02am 
I would like to talk.
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how are you?
frisk Sep 17 @ 3:03pm 
Hello angel the dragon
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