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Posted: May 15 @ 7:13am
Updated: May 26 @ 1:33pm

A great package with a lot of value. The first Mass Effect title has been upgraded the most, but still holds many of the same issues and bugs when you push the game engine. Texture reworks are impressive and the QoL upgrades are nice. This package feels like an extremely high polished mod set for the Mass Effect series - with some technical caveats.

Had some initial issues with the Origin thin client crashing the game startup. Unfortunately, cloud saves are tied to the Origin launcher as well, but at least the feature is there. Steam screenshots only work with the HDR feature disabled in graphical settings - and when taking screenshots it takes two images. All the games also require a centralized "in-game" launcher that just bogs down the experience with a load time.

This is the best way to play to play the Mass Effect trilogy, but there are some issues holding it back from being legendary.
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FrenchMess May 16 @ 8:46pm 
I have exactly the same issue x). If anyone understands why or has an issue, I'd like to hear it!