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The Commonfolk is gonna run dis place!

This person stalks me 24/7 please help .w.
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Hello, fellow traveler!
:boozehound:I am ever so pleased that you are reading this stranger! Well lets see...:boozehound:

:mllrcrosshair:I do enjoy playing games on this and a few other gaming platforms!

:mllrcrosshair:I do enjoy a long RP with a few ERP scenes here and there. But please do not add me just for that!

:mllrcrosshair:I am a boy as one can be. With the ding dong and everything.

:mllrcrosshair:I do not want to sound rude! But I don't really care much about other people's relationships. So please don't talk about it with me.

:mllrcrosshair:Oh! I have to warn you! I am not much of a conversation starter. I want to meet people, but I always get lost of words!

:mllrcrosshair:I can be stubborn at times so please don't mind when I will argue. You have your opinion and I have mine!

:mllrcrosshair:I am always up for a game to play depends if you have the game I own!

:mllrcrosshair:I am free like 75% of the day. So feel free to hit me up whenever you want buddy!

:mllrcrosshair:I do tend to forget most things. You could tell me secret codes to launch a nuke I will forget them the next few minutes... What was I talking about?

:mllrcrosshair:I think that is pretty much it. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask in person I am an open book!

:phidget:At long last! you reached the things I enjoy to play. Here it is listed down bellow!:singe:

1.:Void:League Of Legends:ice:
2.:sacrificed:Dead By Daylight:theskull:
3.:blight:Darkest Dungeon:stress:
4:dsmagic:Dead Island:lms_skull:
5.:gun_noir:COD BO2 Z:pistol_gun:
7.:SurprisedLalabit:More will come!:epifear:

:Friends:And the people whom I hold dear!:Friends:

:mylove: A surprisingly cute and thic lass who is fun to be around! :mylove:

:luv: An adorable yet lustful goofball!:nekoheart:

:loh_Heart:A dragon who is my ally:loh_Heart:

:nekoheart:Furry from the future:nekoheart:

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Vix-ing Off! May 13 @ 10:04am 
We're all missing him.
Hey buddy.
Hope your three months have been going well.
Love you lots.
SnowBallz Apr 22 @ 4:32pm 
Miss you my man, friend, cousin, brother. your resting place looks loveley. We will see each other one day.
Vix-ing Off! Apr 2 @ 9:04am 
I miss him so ♥♥♥♥ing much.Why did he had to leave this world...I guess him and Kindred are one,huh.
Shota boys are legal Apr 1 @ 5:15am 
Stop using the dead ringer and let us complain about over powered League of Legos champions.
Good s h i t .