idk.   Dolnoslaskie, Poland
Please comment why are you adding me or i will ignore !

A really freakin mediocre TF2 player. (yes,im no longer bad :D)
And i will like to say two things.I got scammed,so give me gifts niBBas.
And there will be some peapole calling me a scammer,beacuse i didnt want to gamble with the scammer,and the scammer told his friends im a scammer.Yup.Complicated but,had no other way to explain it.

Also im gonna act like one of these hardcore gamers who list their PC specs.So here they are

Processor:Intel-Core i5 6400 2.70GHz
OS:Windows 7 Pro SP1
Graphics Card:Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti
Keyboard:(No fucking idea,probably tracer brigade or something)
Mouse:(No fucking idea)
Monitor:Iiyama Black Hawk G-MasterGE2488Hs

also this person right here has raped me: http://steamcommunity.com/my

:masoneagle:My favorite song is:Foxsky - Kirby Smash and Skrillex -
:masoneagle:My favorite games areCS:GO,Team Fortress 2 and The Walking Dead

Secret: nothing

ok,thats the secret
and that
Currently Online
Please Read!!
Read both my profile description and this box.

So,here is some rules for adding me
dont try to scam beacuse i have already been so i will not make any unusual/ not normal trades.
If you are VAC banned,there is a high chance i will not accept your friend request unless the add is temporary,or other important reason.
Do not beg for free items.PLEASE.I do not wanna waste even more on "gifts".I am not a free money machine.

Also,if you are a furfag,brony,or weeb,you will get blocked and reported.

I make good sfm posters for good price.
I make horrible SFM posters for a bad price.
Price is:3 to 4 refined.3 refined for worser SFM's.3.5 for better ones.If you are a close friend of mine,price is always 3 ref. I can make basic photoshop edits too. (on the sfm).That raises the price to 3.5,but if it is already 3.5,it will be raised to 4.

:masoneagle:Shit about me:i am a 11 year old "OMG U STUPID KID KYS OMGGG
gamer i guess. Would love for somebody to buy me Mirror's Edge Catalyst or Sniper Elite 4.
Also,comment why are you adding me.PLEASE.I know i said it in the description,but just incase you dont wanna read that you lazy fuck i mean nice person,its here anyway.

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