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Grassyman has been known t' lift weights upto 400 pounds wit' a single arm, he's one olympic medals in shock put, weight liftin', wrestlin', swimmin', fistin', 'n badmitton. Grassyman got into these sports when his cap'n played baseball wit' 'im. His cap'n, Sandyman about t' pitch th' ball t' Grassyman had a southern gust o' wind blow upon 'im, tearin' his cap'n apart afore bis mighty eyes. Soon apearin' afore those mighty same eyes a southern gentlemen known as "Windyman" came fourth t' th' young Grassyman 'n said "Boy, yer so good at sports ye practicly blew yer cap'n away". Now Grassyman cap'nless like th' blackman he was decided that he like th' other African born Americans should invade predominatly caucasian sports too piss off southern whitemen.
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oof quebec
Garbo 19 hours ago 
Hey, just happened across you profile and I read your description and you seemed nice and thought we would get along, I personally like to draw, I can`t really draw people but I can draw swords and thing pretty well. I`ll admit my profile is kinda boring but I`m taking Graphic Design so I plan on upgrading it soonish 😃 Hope we can chat soon about stuff and things as they say, 😃 Have a great day 😃 :steamhappy:
Sorry about this, another reason I added you was I saw we had a lot of the same likes: Gaming (Obviously cause I'm on steam lol), coffee, pizza, cats, bunnies (I love all animals tho), same fav colors, blue, red, black and all that 😃 And also that finally someone who is open to listening to country music (It's a rare thing in quebec apparently loll) Have a great day again :steamhappy:
Garbo Apr 1 @ 1:46am 
I am little cute girl;)
I like playing different games and share my skins with people,because I have special promocode on site for 20$.You can ask me for promo too.
Tasty Stains Mar 11 @ 12:14pm 
16f cali let's play bakugon
Tasty Stains Mar 5 @ 5:27pm