I used to be Rin.
Lurking in the Spiral Scout discussion forum.
Feel free to add me, read the description for exceptions, thanks
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I DO NOT accept:
- Profiles with any type of ban (VAC, Trade, Community) (Anything before 500 days)
- Private profiles
- Profiles under level 10 ( I can make exceptions if you comment down below)
- Suspicious Profiles
- Racist people

If you send a friend request, be aware that I WILL look through your profile
before making my decision.If it is private, then your friend request will be

-Extra Info-
*If I met you in-game, feel free to add me, I will instantly accept*
* If you are a friend with an alt account, do let me know who you are*
* If you are an IRL friend, let me know who you are*
*Those of you that were removed can re-add me again.*
About me:
Name: Ask
Nickname : Rin, Rikon
Age: Ask
BIrthday: 7/14
Gender: You have two choices, take a guess
Fav. Color: Blue
Fav. Game(s): Armor Blitz, Spiral Scouts
Dislikes: Don't have any dislikes... Yeah..

I am a laid-back and respectful person. Treat me with kindness
and you'll be treated nicely too. I do NOT take offense to anything
nor am I the type of person that gets mad. I will NEVER hate somebody
without a good reason.

TF2 Wishlist
Genuine Fan o' War + Basic Fan o' War Kit
Specialized Killstreak Conscientious Objector
Genuine Short Circuit + Basic Short Circuit Kit
Strange Killstreak Southern Hospitality
Genuine Killstreak Widowmaker
Strange Specialized Killstreak Air Strike
Strange Killstreak Pomson 6000

I will LOVE you forever if you got me one of these things listed above!

Items that friends gave to me [i.gyazo.com]

I really like strange festive killstreak vintage stuff, i'm sorry.

:SoraSmile: Status :csdsmile:

In-Game- Response may be slow depending on what game I am playing

Online: Feel free to chat with me. I usually set to online when I am just watching
videos, streaming, or playing other games.

Online w/ Mobile: Not looking at my phone 100% of the time, so I may
not get your message.

Away- AFK, I won't be away for long, though.

Busy- My responses will be really slow, try not to disturb me if its possible.
If you do send a message, I will read your message, but I may or may not
reply to it. If it is urgent, try to get my attention. Sometimes, I am so busy, that
I will not reply to anyone

Busy w/ Mobile: Yes, this is possible, it's called glitching steam ( Proof ). If you
do see this rare occasion, it means that I am OFFLINE, but steam decides to show
that I am online.

Snooze- Under no circumstances should you see me in Snooze mode..
If I am in snooze mode, it probably means I either fainted or something else
tragic happened.

Offline- Do I need to explain?


What happened to Rin? Don't worry, It will come back.. I hope

"Dealing with indecisiveness is the bane of my job, Seriously." - Mandy

Feel free to do whatever you want down there in my comment section
Just keep it civil.

If you are here on my profile just to complain and/or cry, you can just
throw away your unnecessary emotions into the trash, thank you.

If you hate me, good for you, I don't care and will have no intention of caring.
You might as well release your hatred against a brick wall.
Currently Online
Artwork Showcase
Trusted + Favourite Friends
List of my trusted friend (This is not a ranking, its only for slots)
(Please tell me if you changed your profile URL)
(If you do not want your profile URL linked here, let me know, and I won't put a link)

What's up? You want to be on this list?
Prove to me that you are worth
something more than just a steam friend.

1. [C]harlotte - First person to be my friend.

2. [R]awberry - Good ol’ friend. and possibly the second person to be on my friend list.

3. Kafuu_Chino - Appears to like every one of my anime gifs. Also a cutie <3. Also, cute emoticons
ヾ(≧▽≦」 ∠)_.

4. NEPOOTIS - My partner-in-crime. We just like to mess around

5. Pubert - Overall amazing person. Encouraged me to stay on Steam. I'm glad that I met you

6. ℳatt - A great Bruate that chats with me. Generally have conversations using :csdsmile:

7. Einzbern - A good friend that stayed with me for a long time

8. Endymion - Good close friend that always supported me. Stay awesome, man.

9. Ribbon 🎀 - A lovely tsundere that is downright hilarious and fun to be around. I usually have random conversations with her, sometimes consisting of "EHHH?" Respectful General.

10. Marvelous MLG - A hilarious and awesome admin. Keep up the good work, ya donk

11. Desoxyribun -A caring and cute friend. Also, massive stalker

12. Empty..

13. Empty..

14. Empty..

15. Empty..
IRON DUMBER Aug 17 @ 4:23am 
oh no, now exploded my toxic bomb :O
Karin Aug 16 @ 3:08am 
I've found you
Desoxyribun Aug 11 @ 4:24pm 
Well Rin thats a rather long story uhm I tell you next time :Ageha:
Shelshocker Aug 8 @ 10:54am 
     />  フ
     |  _  _|
     /`ミ _x 彡
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)_)
Desoxyribun Aug 5 @ 5:29am 
Thank you very much Rin, its nice to be back!:Ageha: *pokes*
IRON DUMBER Jul 30 @ 7:44pm 
dis guy