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Is that all?

Kill 100 zombies
Unlocked Apr 21 @ 2:26pm

Cleanup crew

Kill 1000 zombies
Unlocked May 1 @ 12:28pm

The sun is going down

Pacify a big guy
Unlocked Apr 21 @ 2:47pm

One man army

Kill 10000 zombies
1,032 / 10,000

The hard way

Kill 1000 zombies with bodyshots
563 / 1,000

Demolition man

Kill 250 zombies with explosions
137 / 250

French fried

Burn 250 zombies to death
25 / 250


Kill 500 creatures
19 / 500

The easy way

Kill 1000 zombies with headshots
306 / 1,000


Beat 250 zombies to death
1 / 250


Finish chapter 1

No wings to fly

Finish chapter 2

Down the road

Finish chapter 3

Armed and ready

Get a pistol

Just like in the movies

Get dual pistols

Freedom dispenser

Get an assault rifle

Des and troy

Get dual assault rifles

Get off my property

Get a shotgun

What do you hunt with these?

Get dual shotguns

Rapid fire

Get a dark pistol

Real gangsta

Get dual dark pistols

A real kick

Get a dark shotgun

What can survive you?

Get dual dark shotguns

Fast and furious

Get an SMG

More than enough

Get dual SMGs

In the face!

Get a sniper rifle

Bloody hell

Find the cultist room in chapter 1

What is this about?

Find the cultist room in chapter 2

Room service?!

Explore the living quarters

Who's this guy?

Meet your nemesis

Ain't no rats here

Clean the storage

Knee deep in trouble

Get to the nicest room


Do what you shouldn't

I'm too good for you

Do not use healing or armor station in the Hangar


Witness the spectacle

6th sense

Find the shortest route

Fastest man alive

Outrun the rising lava

Starry day

Have a walk outside

Walking on sunshine

Finish chapter 4

Seriously messed up

Find the cultist room in chapter 3

One bullwhip short

Die because of the boulder

Some touch with reality

Finish chapter 5

A brief history of time and space

Finish chapter 6

I will survive

Finish the game


Have a still living zombie fall into lava

Wild West

Go on a doggy hunt with only pistols

A skull full of maggots

Find the cultist room in chapter 4


Find all cultist rooms

I don't care about the rules

Progress without disabling the turrets


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