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Read EMF Level 5.
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 6:16am

Metaphysical Intelligence Intern

Exorcise the ghost once.
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 11:56am

Metaphysical Intelligence Rookie

Exorcise the ghost 5 times.
Unlocked Apr 8 @ 3:18pm

Hail Mary

Purchase Two Crucifix
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 1:32pm


Buy the Pub.
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 2:47pm

The Light Keeper

Buy the Lighthouse.
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 2:47pm

The Descent Into Madness...

Play on the Abandoned House map.
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 6:08am

Health Care Hauntings

Play on the Hospital map
Unlocked Apr 8 @ 10:35am

Cyclone Street Surveyor

Play on the Cyclone Street map.
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 10:05am

This Isn't Over!

Die once.
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 1:29pm

Ghost Chaser

Correctly identify the ghost once.
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 6:34am

Paranormal Journalist

Correctly identify the ghost 3 times.
Unlocked Apr 3 @ 10:03am

Paranormal Photographer

Take Two Photos Of The Ghost.
Unlocked Mar 31 @ 6:51am

The Phoenix: Rebirth

Revive your friend with a Tarot Card.
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