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Bark code

Go for a walk in the barcode forest
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 1:49pm

Battered by a battery

Drop a battery onto your head
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 8:33am

No copycaits!

Try duplicating Cait
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 8:12am

Pet the Cait

Pet Cait
Unlocked Jul 23 @ 10:39am

Professional Photographer

Take 100 Photos
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 8:22am

Amateur Photographer

Take 25 photos
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 8:30am

Bye bye, Battery!

Drop a battery off the level
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 8:31am

Dustin? More like Dust-off!

Drop a Dustin off the level
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 8:13am

I bee-t the game!

Grow the flower to attract a bee
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 7:43am

To reach new heights!

Get the jump powerup
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 8:20am

Welcome Back!

Return to the hub world
Unlocked Jul 23 @ 10:39am

I’ve trained for this.

Ride the train
Unlocked Aug 13 @ 3:41am


Get the camera
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 8:06am

End of the line

Ride the train to the final hub world
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 1:42pm

I didn’t realise they were optional

Complete all the optional challenge levels
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 1:26pm

I’ve had my fil(ter)

Complete the picture frame levels in chapter 4
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 1:36pm

Under the illusion

Complete the illusion levels in chapter 3
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 7:17am

No way out!

Break the only teleporter

Caught in the act!

Place a photo while falling and land on it

Hashtag all filters

Collect all the camera filters

Get your ducks in a row

Find all the ducks in chapter 1

I stuck with it

Find all the magnets in chapter 2

Picking up the pieces

Find all the mahjong tiles in chapter 3

I didn’t planets for this to happen.

Find all the planets in chapter 4

Speed Demon

Beat a level in less than 10 seconds!

Everything in its right place

Put the three paintings where they belong

Liberate the Dustins!

Release all the blueprint Dustins


Make an army of Dustins

You monster

Slice a Dustin

Recursion excursion

Place the recursive photo 15 times


Carve the melon repeatedly

Fool me twice

Get tricked twice in a certain level


Complete the third level without touching the battery

I fold

Put down both playing cards

Time traveller

Rewind for a really long time

Impeccable timing

Complete a timer level with only a fraction of a second to spare

Breaking wind

Break the windmill inside the painting

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