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First off, I don't add randoms so prepare to be blocked/ignored. Anyways, I try to get busy to stray away from too much gaming and focus on work on college, the games I usually play when I have time is Team Fortress 2 and OverWatch but if you wanna play with me there's a catch, I do tend to to get competitive in both games so do bare with me if I get salty/toxic I just play those games religiously, I don't hate you. I'm not a talkative person once you know me, I usually just play games with music playing in the background. I do play musical instrumens, the instruments I play are piano and the alto saxophone. My goals for this year are trying to finish my semesters for college to move on to a university to study "radiology technology", I'm doing my workouts more than usual to gain muscle and lose extra fat and finally finish Stein's; Gate 0 VN. Nothing else for me to say that's about it. Thank you for having the time to read this.


In-game: playing.
Online (not on a game): on pc looking at YouTube or on my phone looking at YouTube
Away: not on my pc or not on my phone for few
Busy: Doing something important so don't bother me.
Snooze: asleep or just forgot to turn off my pc for awhile.
Offline: not on obviously.

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Fawful Jul 14 @ 10:26pm 
eat pant
『CombatCirno』 Jun 10 @ 6:17pm 
℣elo ♥ Jun 10 @ 6:12pm 

I found you on Masterwatch as one of the top mercy's and I think that's great!
I like my women skilled at something and still know their place. (lets be honest if you played a skillful hero like genji or widowmaker, you wouldn't be 4th.)
From now on, you'll be my duo and girlfriend. You'll pocket me.
This comes with some conditions:
You'll be required to send me snaps of you every morning, noon, and evening. Some nude ones at night too.
You obviously won't be allowed to stream any more and talk to other guys.
If you please me, I'll buy you an occasional loot box or two.
We'll skype every day, make sure to buy a high definition web cam soon.
℣elo ♥ May 20 @ 3:10am 
I want an anime girlfriend who will love me for who I am. Real women just don't understand what they're missing out on. Anime women are loyal, they care for you AND they're beautiful. If I had an anime girlfriend, I would respect her so hard. Real men like myself don't want a girlfriend just for sex, we want someone to RESPECT, and with an anime girlfriend that would go both ways. If you have a 3D woman as a girlfriend, you obviously don't respect REAL women. Get a life and a REAL girlfriend, idiots.
『CombatCirno』 May 1 @ 5:23pm