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1 VAC ban on record | Info
1092 day(s) since last ban
I do no accept any random profile under the level 3, or a private Inventory/Profile.

If you wanted to trade with me then do not add me, just send me a trade offer.
(You can add me if you want to negotiate.)

If your trade banned or have a bad reputation in steamrep, Then i am most likely not gonna
speak to you.
Artwork Showcase
Captain Simon™ May 28 @ 3:54pm 
Cruel World Cruel Life
Hulk May 10 @ 3:19am 
hi hi! :steamhappy:
diskmister Mar 7 @ 4:20am 
Thank god for Minecraft 🙏 Me and Good stayin litty🔥 In the mc world 🌎 Dabbin on these broke boys 💸 But watch out 😨Herobrine is out there and hes out for blood 👿 Me and Good were able to defeat him ⚔️🛡But hes still out there 😱But Notch came to help me 😳 And he said send this to 10 of your friends and thatll keep him from invading your worlds 😄So remember, send this to 🔟 people or else Herobrine will grief your world 😫
VENDO KEYS $1200 CUENTA RUT Feb 20 @ 12:51pm 
+rep fair trader
Maze Feb 16 @ 7:14am 
i love u
Dr. James Gucklebee Jan 14 @ 2:09pm 
+rep really good guy, let me have the lab.

<3 no homo