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Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is a comedic Point & Click adventure game which was released in 2016, developed and published by Blyts . The game takes place in the old times through time traveling. You as the main character is now the only hope to rescue all the old geniuses and aid them back on track as they full-fill their masterpiece. The puzzles are simple and does not required to over think which i think is satisfying for who looking for casual gameplay. The strong story-line features 4 playable chapters which you can unlock them as you progress through the first chapter.


  • Casual point & click adventure gameplay with a unique time-travel plot
  • Beautifully drawn cartoon'ish graphics, pleasant to look at
  • Characters with solid voice acting and hilarious quotes
  • Relaxing soundtracks
  • Teaches you a bit of history about the characteristics of some of the great inventors, discoverers and artists

  • Levels are really short which makes exploring very limited
  • Main character's movement speed is slow and cannot be boosted up
  • No hint system

Buy, Wait for sale, Never touch?

This is one game i would say wait for sale even though i personally loved it every bit. The reason i say wait for sale is because the game is short and it can be finished in 4-5 hours max but all the achievements can be unlocked if you spend a little more time on the game. But i do encourage people to buy this game because it welcomes everyone who are wanting to try out this genre of video game, just because how basic and simple the core of the gameplay is.


Overall Rating 10/10
Plushka^^ Apr 13 @ 6:42am 
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ovni.demon Dec 28, 2017 @ 12:11pm 
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RayNero Dec 21, 2017 @ 12:37am 
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