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Hi. :maeko:

My Name is Callum Snow.

I'm 19 Years Old.

To start off i would like to give people abit of information about myself since this is my profile afterall.

[Q] PC or Console ?

[A] Both. Born and raised on xbox 360, then moved on to PC.

[Q] Describe Yourself in 4 Words.

[A] Hyper. Sleepy. Nuts.Rage.

[Q] am i in a relationship

[A] i am indeed in a relationship

Well that was fun now for the rest of the Info Box.

Social Stuff. :cinnamon2:

All of my social Network Profiles all have the same name. ThePoshBanana, if you see this then its probs me. Cause im not quite sure if people really do copy my name for 'Fake' accounts. So yeah ThePoshBanana is the username for most of my social medias :P


I Enjoy watching anime, its either action or story driven i'd say anime is a good pass time :P

Video Games. :csgoct:

First person Shooters, MMORPG'S,

I started off playing Call of Duty at the age of 8, Don't know why my parents allowed it but it led to me really enjoy the cod series still do, just not the futuristic stuff like exo's and special abilitys and shit. I'm a classic teen i enjoy a good kingdom hearts game now and again and when im bored i played shooters to keep me entertained when i have no plans for the rest of the day :D

Hobbies. :vanilla:

Live Streaming.
Editing videos.

When im not doing anything i tend to hop onto twitch to say hello *cough*
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