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"Rekkulani" Oreo;
Gender: Female
Race: Avali
Height: 3 Foot & 10 Inches ( 147.32 centimeters )
Feather and Patterns: White with Dark Grey Countershading and Black accents
Eye Color: Deep Purple (Nearly Black)
Quirks: Nothing special, generic Avali. Enjoys mouthplay (holding or forcing the maw open or closed). Loves ear scatches and, under the right circumstances, tail tugs.

Gender: Female or Male (Mostly Female)
Race: Pegasus - Dragon Hybrid
Height: 5 Foot & 7 Inches ( 170.18 centimeters )
Fur Coat and Mane Color: Dusty Brown Coat - Dusty Dark Brown Mane with Creme Highlights
Eye Color: Azure blue Eyes w/ Marine Blue Deltas
Wingspan (Measure from tip to tip): 17' 5" (8' 1" per wing with a 4 inch gap between)
Wing thickness: 4' 2"
Wing description: Thin and not very girthy. Their wings are used for gliding at high altitudes at low speeds or low altitudes at high speeds. (Think Seagull)
Race composition: 70% Pegasus (Father), 25% Dragon (Mother), 3% Earth (Father's side), 2% Unicorn (Father's side)
Bust size (Female only): Between A and B but more A than anything. (She can pass off as a male with a jacket on.)
~Weird NSFW measurements behind spoilers
Member Girth (Male): Around 2 & 1/4th Inches (5.7 centimeters)
Member Length (Male): 13 Inches (33.02 centimeters)

Quirks: Known to workout and is built enough to lift more than their own weight, but not much more. (Only when they flex can you see their muscles.)

Test Subject “Einei” #005
[For distribution from Subject #005 upon blackbox soft reset.]
Testing lab: TB-2355 - B @ Testing Facility Tango
Lead Genetic Engineer: Dr. Rubinelli
Lead Mechanical Engineer: Dr. Brustof
Current Handler (M.A.U.): N/A
Gender: Female (Partially)
Race Identifier: Chimera
Formal Race Identifier: Type:Full ”Silvally”
Height Standing: 7 Foot & 7 Inches ( 230 centimeters )
Eye Color: Black Iris, capable of flashing “BIOS” codes. It’s sclera (White of eye) changes with each Type Disk applied via RKS.
Bust size:
Between C and D Cup. Subject #005’s breast size seems to have been influenced by the genes from Miltank. Dr. Perrin-Lupus is investigating breast reduction on subjects #003-#004 before attempting on #005.

Automated RKS: While “sleeping” (in a standby state) it can hot-swap between every possible Pokémon type via Type Disk. Upon awakening it will “Salute” (stand at attention) to nothing or what ever is generally in front of it. Sometimes malfunctions and requires manual intervention . Loss of limbs recorded during premature awakening.

Mixed DNA: Since subject #005 is a Chimera of many different pokemon species it has trouble working with standard universal translators , often resulting in an ear piercing static. Other pokemon who listen to it speak may hear multiple voices all at once or they won’t be able to understand her at all.

Sexless: Easily identified as Female, however it lacks any reproductive organs while retaining the necessary cavities, this can lead to instances of intense romping .

RKS Suppression: This helmet is 3cm of solid steel with electronics that hover over select parts of Subject #005’s brain and onboard electronics. It has a slot for eating and 2 shallow slots for it's eyes. This helmet must be at standby at all times in event of RKS error. Failure to keep the RKS Suppression Helmet nearby could lead to loss of life or maiming.

Quirks: Subject #005 has a habit of only trusting one source of information at a time , hence it calling different companions “Master”, this being a shortened version of “Master Administrative User” Since it was not born but instead raised in a vat it does not have true knowledge of the real world. Subject #005 likes to learn and is perpetually curious about seeming random things.

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Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Height: 5 Foot & 10 Inches ( 177.8 centimeters )
Fur Coat and Mane Color: Dark Grey Coat with Scattered Burnt Orange Stripes - A Dark Brown Mane, with some Burnt Orange Streaks
Eye Color: Earthen Green Eyes w/ Charcoal Deltas
Horn Length: 5 Inches (12.7 Centimeters)
Race composition: 90% Unicorn (Father & Mother), 20% (Father's side & Mother's side),
~Weird NSFW measurements behind spoilers
Member Girth: Around 3 Inches (7.62 centimeters)
Member Length: 14.5 Inches (36.83 centimeters)

Quirks: Strong and smart, he's always ready to solve any problem with some form of brute force.

Customizable Articulated avaTar (Cat);
Gender: Male - Fluff Gendered (He's a male, but much like pokemon you can't see what makes him a male, you just know it's there somewhere)
Race: Digital Cat - Swaps between any species of cat with any fur color combination
Height: 5 Foot & 7 Inches ( 170.18 centimeters )
Fur Coat Color: Changes based upon species and settings (Currently Defaulted to a Maine Coon)
Eye Color: Typically Sandy Yellow with Orange Deltas
Race composition: - Being a Digital being he can swap between every single type of cat breed, domestic or not.
Quirks: He is known for being able to swap between being an anthro cat and a regular quadruped cat.

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