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A short explanation about how to install mods and a list of the best ones.
Kirby™ Jan 23 @ 9:09pm 
@Mr. Buttburn from iCarly (Paper Mario) ah those are good times. i remember that.
$$$ DO IT FOR DA BAG $$$ Jan 18 @ 10:07pm 
Can confirm he is a pretty nice guy. I met him first in real life when I was with my little cousin in a candy store and she suddenly started crying. I didn't know what to do or how to get her to stop and everybody around in the store started getting really annoyed. Then Kirby walks in and immediately goes to her and asks what's wrong. Without a second thought he lifted up his shirt and propped my cousin on his chest and started breast feeding her. She stopped crying and we've been friends ever since.
X-Mas Treetun Aug 21, 2018 @ 6:21pm 
Tikal The Echidna (DracoAsh) Apr 10, 2018 @ 9:21am 
Kirby Apr 1, 2018 @ 6:24pm 
no u
Kirby™ Apr 1, 2018 @ 5:19pm 
@lick.mp4 >:l