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Many know Skill. Only a few really know Skill:bud:
They talk alot about Skill. But they dont know Skill:NeoPanda:

Im 30 years old.:SYMSface2:
Ive seen a lot and I know a lot.:KTGG:
I don't mind chatting most of the time. I just suck at starting conversations.:cry_tk:
I play a bit of everything. Kane and Gordon taught me to never have favorite games.:HOLD:

Im not perfect. But thank all forces that keeps our universe together that I am nothing like you.

Like all FTG members. My religion is Delorianism

Also deleting me from your friendslist randomly without messaging me about it will get you blocked. Keep that in mind before you delete me and then later realise that you wanna readd me.
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You play the role of Gordon Freeman and arrive late for work at the Black Mesa research facility. As you are walking through the steel corridors to get down to the test chamber all the other scientists keep saying: "They are waiting for you Gordon in the test chamber". After 4 loading screens and alot of waiting on scientists to mock you for being late before letting you progress to the test chamber you at last arrive there to do some testing with crystals from the alien world Xen.

However the test goes wrong the very second you push the Xen crystal mounted on a Lawn mower into a beam for testing. This creates the resonance cascade which creates a rift between earth and Xen, allowing Vortigaunts and other alien species to enter earth at will. The Black Mesa security cannot stop the aliens and the army is called in. The army is however not there to help the Black Mesa personnel. They are there to kill everybody invovled with the project.

Gordon Freeman must now fight the aliens, fight the soldiers, try to save the scientists that mocked him for being late and with the help of the scientists reach Xen to stop Nihilanth(The Alien mastermind).

Overall Half-Life is probably one of those games ive spent the most time playing. Outside of steam that is. Bought it back in 1999 and when steam came along my key was already taken steam said(To verify my key I had to take a photo of my product and its key and send it to valve and back in 2004 that was not an easy thing to do). So I had to play it outside of steam until it ended up on one of those sales. If you have steam and don't have Half-Life then I recomend you buying it as quickly as possible.

Half-Life is also being remade by a team of dudes. The mod is called Black Mesa. Its avalible for download but it lacks the last levels that were sceduled to be released 2 years ago.

I give Half-Life 10/10 for being a great game and having great replay value.
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Its been a while since I made the first one so I figured why not a second one? Its pretty short and not very hard tho
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Created by - |42Cdo|Col.Skill
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Created by - [FTG] Becky
HGV crash course. Some quick tips to get you up and running in less than 5 minutes.

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