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Unlike you blue haired liberals, I don't have pronouns. you will refer to me only by my name "The Rant-man". :hcs_tiffany:
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The Rant-man Nov 17 @ 12:18pm 
Thank you
于路阳 Nov 17 @ 12:08pm 
Hi,really enjoy playing your mod of Payday2.How can I make cops use flashlight in more maps just like your map RantedMercyHospital.Wait for your answer sir. I expect you can create more improved maps in Payday2 in the future.
Zenalia Oct 22 @ 5:50am 
based description
Mr. Wolf Jul 14 @ 12:37pm 
+rep nice gamer
basil eating cheese Apr 21 @ 12:45am 
+rep completely racist drives a merkede ben benning ben AKA car made for the mercedes crew of peide 2 and listens to whenever he has a chance to (he likes jonathen day!!!!!) he eat chicken wings every night but he forgot to put cheese on his delightful nuggie and now it is extrmeely YUCK!

BITCOIN!!!!!! BIT COIN!! NFT FOR PAYDAY 2 YES! he invest in HIV coin and is so rich that he could quite literally purchase his entire house if he decided to purchase something wityh his 124501294 ethuerium AKA iridium borderlnads 2 he lays steam :os_niko: niko oneshot from oneshot kitty best cat china rights
Kanzen Aug 28, 2021 @ 11:34am 
-rep camper witch one hit perks