Kuopio, Eastern Finland, Finland
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Shard | Designing Artworks/Logos 6月19日 10時57分 
+rep Super Friendly and helpful guy
Thx for your help
Tedduツ 6月6日 10時55分 
Good server owner.
Joker 5月22日 4時54分 
Hey i added you because i wanted to talk about my ban if you have the time?
🌹NorthpanK❤ 4月17日 11時31分 
If I were a cheating, I would say it like a man, and I would not even work for a year. please talk about it a regular
dragon beast 3月22日 2時31分 
and his name is JOHN CENA!
RUSKI BLYAT 2月28日 6時37分 
rip undertakers i loved that servers