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Welcome to my profile
Little bit about myself
I'm Shankey, live in The Netherlands. i'm 16 years old.
I Play CS:GO most of the time. And i enjoy playing it.
But i suck at the game!

:icegear: What rank are you?
:dullgear: Supreme Master First Class.

:icegear: You have 6000 Hours on CS:GO? For how long have you played this game?
:dullgear: Yes i've 6000 hours. Much of them are AFK time. and i've been playing this game for around 3-4 years.

:icegear: Do you ever want to become a pro cs player? Are you up to join a team?
:dullgear: I do want to become a pro cs player. i keep trying and learning the game. i got supreme with 60 FPS (max). Actually around ~30 fps when i'm in a gunfight. all though i still got supreme with this computer. And yes, i'm looking for a team to play scrims and tournaments.

:icegear: Which team do you like the most?
:dullgear: No specific ones. I like Faze. but i look at players individually

:icegear: Your TOP 5 players?
:dullgear: 1) Niko I love his deags.
:dullgear: 2) Tarik They call him peanut brain but his aim is insane :)
:dullgear: 3) Shroud Come back please :(
:dullgear: 4) Fer He is insane.
:dullgear: 5) Skadoodle Won C9 the major. best NA awper

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