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Unlocked Aug 23 @ 9:21am

Ouch! My eyes!

Defeat Uranaii
Unlocked Aug 25 @ 2:00am

Putting out the fire

Defeat the Trailblazer
Unlocked Aug 25 @ 2:42am

Anti-tank Warfare

Defeat Frogzord
Unlocked Aug 23 @ 9:11am

"Can you put diagonal shots in this game please?"

Unlock the V-Blaster
Unlocked Aug 23 @ 9:19am

Sloooow moootioooon

Unlock the Timewarp
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 9:21am

Boom boom boom!

Unlock the Boomber
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 9:30am

Postponing your inevitable end

Unlock the Shield
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 9:09am

Burn, baby, burn!

Unlock the Flamethrower
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 9:17am


Unlock the Health Globe

Reality TV Fame

Win the Satellite Rush Game Show