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Unlocked Nov 2 @ 12:56am

Wobbly MK 2/3

Your non-lethal service revolver. An elegant weapon, from a more civilized age.
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 1:17am

Toil and Trouble

The bubble rounds were probably a joke, but they seem useful, and Franky likes them, so - net win.
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 1:43am

Cat Burglar

So THAT'S how the perps got into Ossified Egg. They're fun, too!
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 9:58pm

Fire Bug

The fiendish gleam in Franky's eyes when she sees the torch rounds tells you - never, ever let Franky have the torch rounds.
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 10:17pm

Blast of Silence

All bang, no buck. Your hands are sweaty, but you know why.

I Would Walk 500 Miles

You walked 500 miles worth of beat. Way to go!
250 / 500

Flower Girl

The flowers make Franky sneeze, but you like them, so Franky can just deal with it.
6 / 16


They smell like angels ought to smell.
1 / 4


They're what's inside of you. What's keeping you alive.
4 / 8

Hot Tin

Tennessee Williams would be proud of you.
5 / 16

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