May Lin   Taiwan
Hey there. :3
Leave comments before adding me. No comments = Ignore.
I block people adding me under level 5 without comments.
My timezone is GMT+8, and I usually won't be up after 1am, so if you sent me a trade offer when I'm asleep, I won't respond immediately.
But I usually respond to trade offers and messages fairly quickly. If I didn't respond I'm either busy or AFK.
The item showcase is "showcase", not for sale.
If you see that I'm playing "Zombidle" or "Realm Grinder" or other idle/clicker games, I might be afk. Also add "Garry's Mod" to that list cuz of the achivo. :P
Chat status:
Online: I'm online. (or I forgot to change my status to Away. )
Away: Usually AFK. (or I forgot to change my status to Online. )
Busy: Don't bother me.
Playing games: Depends on the game. Sometimes I'm idling for cards.
TF2 trading:
I always list what I sell, so if I didn't list it I'm not selling it.
Also I collect clean(non-crafted/gifted unless it can only be crafted) level 86 items. (certain cosmetics and other stuff)
Card trading:
Same set trade: 1:1
Different set trade: equal or higher market value.
I might turn down trades for cards I'm collecting.
Please don't invite me to random groups or else I will remove you from my friends list.
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Tap Adventure: Time Travel
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Spirit tree in the rain~
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Gin the Cat Jul 15 @ 1:57pm 
Squidzoid Jul 2 @ 2:43pm 
Wow, it’s certainly been awhile, and I still have that Cap’n Calamari!
Faxon Fury Jun 30 @ 10:23pm 
I remember you ^^
Kibo Jun 12 @ 12:22pm 
Congrats! You have won Miscreated on SG.Please check it as received.
Have a fun with game!
►`Aiokun May 5 @ 10:41am 
you won a giveaway
thelasttimepiece Apr 22 @ 11:41pm 
Can you add me? I really like your taste in games~