JackHilton123: we have all had enough of the hacks man
Ljungberg: du gillar att fuska ellerhur haha
Marcûs blîn: Fuck you
Marcûs blîn: And Fuck your hacks
JackHilton123: fintuss stop locking on to peoples head
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): fucking cheater kill yourself
freundchen: fuck you retard cheater
Kelson: -rep cheating on roblox
Skippy0308: fintuss you are so ugly wtf
tolor: fuck you fitness cheating cunt
waochan: your so obvious dude
Mango: you cheat nerd
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Google Chrome 2018年10月26日 11時02分 
+rep better then ninja
Ðoge Police 2018年7月14日 18時04分 
Dr. Dräjj 2018年7月4日 7時58分 
Sluta fuska bög jävel
PewPew 2018年5月10日 15時21分 
hello me friend, I see youre have virus pc. I can fix youre pc for 100$. My name are Rashid and no no no ame not a scamer. Me father is dieded in hitler gas room so believe me i no scam youre. I can fix youre pc from virus I see I see.
Dr. Dräjj 2018年5月4日 6時43分 
ur mom gay lol
Gavux 2018年4月16日 12時59分 
dange für deinen netten kommentar, +1 für den support : ^)