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BowToTheArrowPink   Seoul, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, Korea, Republic of
SCAMMERS FUCK OFF NEVER SELLING THROUGH MARKET PLACE PRIVATE BACKPACKS/NO ITEMS WILL BE INSTA BLOCKED. Only interested in selling through marketplace.tf with an extra charge of 50 dollars to it
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I have a TF2 4's team сука блять esports
Steel Season13~4-4 Participant
Steel Season14~10-1 Third place
Silver Season15~6-5 Thrid place
Also had a sixes team as well :csgogun: low iq gamers :csgoanarchist: rip team
Steel Season27~4-4 Participant
Steel Season28~7-4 2nd place


I wanna be able to make it to DMG in csgo
Currently at MG2
I play Awper and Lurker

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:luv:Best Donations (I guess?):lovelyeye:
:csgostar:Tank Dating sim and figit spinners in space
:Tiger1: $10 and $1

:csgostar:Sakura Clicker - Demon Outfit
:sdwandwitch: $2

:csgostar:Strange festive rocket launcher and a Fn Bomber Soul RL
:sdsylvi: $2.50 and $1

:csgostar:True Hentai Puzzle:
:cocochan2: $1

:Melissa:colt : we're all sitting in a circle chowing down on salami, cheese and crackers

:vanilla:im a white guy and i eat fig newtons - colt 2018

:chocola:were not writing Go the fuck to sleep part 2 - Eternal Sigma 2017

:rwAngry:Eternal Sigma: you were a chicken the ENTIRE TIME!!!

:shigure2:Mr. Medic Main : okay i get jesus

:csgoct:I saw this one in the boston major (throws smoke and fails)-colt

I'm runnung out of chips and I'm dying ~rain

There are more chips in there..... somewhere....~rain

Nocupcakes : alrighty weaboo
LostMyDakimakura : /
Nocupcakes : and upset italian nob
Bryan lo Shinx : what did you say?
Nocupcakes : kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Nocupcakes : upset italian gamer
Bryan lo Shinx : you think the all italians player is noob?
Nocupcakes : keep talking trash to weaboo gamer
Nocupcakes : yep

Rev: rain drop, drop top, watching hentai on my laptop
LostMyDakimakura: desktop

ᵖᴷ Rev: despacito
xenonmute: what
ᵖᴷ Rev: hentai porn
xenonmute: alright

❤ Vanilla ❤ (Score:20) defeats rolnurio (Score:16) in duel to 20 on Gullywash Middle
❤ Vanilla ❤ : !remove
rolnurio : boring
*SPEC* ❤ Vanilla ❤ : lmao
rolnurio : you gay all the time then remove?
rolnurio : keep playing
*SPEC* ❤ Vanilla ❤ : LMAO

Kannan3063 : Y u hacking it makes u look worse then u r
Player Kannan3063 > from country The United States (US) reason: Disconnect by user.

Hat Rat : That's it wum, i'm busting out the easy bake oven
Del : Oof

Cyk4 Bly4t 7ouNd kills smol (Score:20) defeats rock (Score:0) in duel to 20 on Granary Last.
As Demo :P
Destroyed this guy as demo LOL^

*DEAD* rxg | Oreo : curse you pizza rolls
rxg | Oreo : you hinder me irl and on tf2

totinos pizza rolls (Score:20) defeats <3 rawr <3 (Score:4) in duel to 20 on Granary Last.
*SPEC* Anarchisto : !add
<3 rawr <3 : gg sticky whore
totinos pizza rolls : LOL
<3 rawr <3 : !add
<3 rawr <3 left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Melatonin Trippin : meet me on the school blacktop

Zje : If you walk in an asian house and dont take your shoes off you're gonna get beaten with a hot wheels track

v4nnilly HL pyro?? (Score:20) defeats Nursey Redwood # (Score:18) in duel to 20 on Badlands spire. OH OK not bad? even though they main medic

Jim The Stranger : The fuckin mad man
Jim The Stranger : Just beat the shit out of someone with a fish no fear
Jim The Stranger : R U N

v4nnilly {愛} : brooo how many cheetos can u snort
CheetoSnorter69 : 5
CheetoSnorter69 : at once
v4nnilly {愛} : LOL

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