eye....... seeng foh yu.
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booky Jul 3 @ 5:31pm 
youre pathetic. super star rating! +rep good and fast trader.
josh isis Jun 18 @ 8:02pm 
hey moppy i cant message you so im contacting u here the guy we send feet photos to found my facebook and he is telling me he will kill you if he ever finds out who you are just saying lol
josh isis Jun 16 @ 9:26pm 
cabon fiber 2 terabyte cable USBc to USB
booky Jun 10 @ 8:04pm 
never talk to me again
Rufure May 29 @ 7:54pm 
two of them fiber one brownies
Theovert May 15 @ 4:59am 
Hey dude. Nice lifts. Good progress. Strong. Pumping. Kickin. Great abs. Hit the treadmill fifty five fourty. Twenty four hour fitness. Long day stints. Keep broaming those 50gram Protein Pulsator™ bars. Good food good 'sups good life. Flexing. Muscular epic. Checkin back with you in three months. Awesome work power packer keep it up keep going.