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Kayla! 1 dic 2018, ore 17:21 
play me ill ♥♥♥♥ing destroy you lol
NEO-Nebulatrix 17 lug 2018, ore 7:48 
How were you hijacked? tell steam.
Bottle_Boy 13 lug 2018, ore 15:14 
Im honestly really sorry to everyone that almost got scammed by the scammer. My account was stolen for the past few days and I honestly feel very bad for everyone who was effected by the scammer. I'm truly very sorry
Bird of Prey 12 lug 2018, ore 15:11 
Bottle_Boy 12 lug 2018, ore 14:54 
My account was taken around 3 days ago through ♥ Jexon ♥'s account. Please dont report him because if he gets his account back, then he'll have to deal with many reports from people about things he didnt even do.
Bird of Prey 12 lug 2018, ore 12:04 
Hi, added because to resolve the duped situation