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First Name: Guess you will have to ask me about that one :P

Last Name: Aren't you a curious one XD


Hobbies: watching anime, gaming

First language:Dutch
Pretty good:English,
Could be better:French,German

After Dark

The western sky immerses

in blurred crimson color

then it suddenly vanished

as if run away

within the blue horizon

I back to my den,

above the black birds’

I only hear

the resounding of cry-voice

We were left behind

A light that couldn’t be lit up

Night would be right there

Happy End

Pen in hand , I find my strength.

The courage endowed upon me by my one and only love.

Together, let us dismantle this crumbling world.

And write a novel of our own fantasies.

With a flick of her pen, the lost finds her way.

In a world of infinite choices, behold this special day.

After all,

Not all good times must come to an end.

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Suicide is a form of art
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You are not the real queen. Spit on him
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where is the queen
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Ik geef negers zo graag een pak slaag
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