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Henkilökohtaiset saavutukset
Avattu 7.4. kello 15.16


Start your first civilization
Avattu 7.4. kello 15.31


Teach Nuggets how to make more Nuggets
Avattu 7.4. kello 15.37

Great Poet

Name the newborn Nuggets.
Avattu 7.4. kello 16.16


Cure the dying Nugget of their affliction.
Avattu 7.4. kello 15.59

Lost & Found

Return the lost child to safety.

Helping Hand

Heal Injured & Sick Nuggets 20 times


Discover every type of crop


Collect 500 Food

1000th Customer

Have Eateries produce at least 1000 meals.

Divine Architect

Help the troubled Nugget finish their house.

Become Vengeance

Punish the attractive Nugget during the Punish My Nemesis Quest

Last Rites

Successfully Complete Dead Nugget Quest

Stain Remover

Clear the infected area during the Infection Zone Quest


Assist the Farm with their crop problem.

Relentless Hunter

Find an Easter egg.

Stubborn Society

Survive for at least 250 years.

Not So Dark Age

Progress to the Medieval Age.


Reach a population count of 150

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