Can You Feel My Heart?
#SaveTf2 May 26.   Hayato, Kagoshima, Japan
Tf2 Hacker Real i use realhacks i use Lithium Real not joking real hacker real
Rubber DX 5 6 hours ago 
oh okay but I think im a better gamer than him
Naruto117 7 hours ago 
buddy when did i say i wanted to 1v1 i just said sayori is like a way better gamer than you
Rubber DX 5 10 hours ago 
don't believe me i will 1v1 you rn if you want
Rubber DX 5 10 hours ago 
oh trust me I will win very easily :)
Naruto117 10 hours ago 
thats a lie and we both know it
Rubber DX 5 12 hours ago 
I want to 1v1 you I am a better spy than you will ever be