Rodrigues, Mauritius
one of the most aggressive djent stars of the 2020s, a street-tough rude boy with an unrepentant flair for thick string talk
J-Roc Jul 30 @ 6:14am 
I'm not ready to move at that speed.
MENS Jul 29 @ 6:59pm 
dyvo Jul 23 @ 3:25pm 
See I feel my slit get wrist tight
Written on my mitten
Feeling angry go, go night, night
Me go feed the pigeons
Well, some of you guys asked about
How I fit this in my mouth
Well, there's a link below my pout
Entrepreneurs rule
Whiteworm Jul 17 @ 10:48am 
signed by me, lets play csgo :)
phoenixyz 💊 Jul 14 @ 11:03am 
I think its time u took a break from competitive CS to focus on your family and your drug trafficking business.