The 14th Doctor
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Oh hello there, my oh my, you found text, what a sweet little person you are for finding that, and for your very own reward for finding this, you get to find out that my profile picture was made by a special and wonderful friend of mine, I won't tell who though
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Kamjue 5/set/2018 às 17:56 
itspepsi 19/jul/2018 às 19:26 
an apple a day keeps the doctor away
(this isnt supposed to be mean)
Cloud Striker 30/jun/2018 às 15:04 
Thank you my friend. and a GG to you too. We shall meet again soon :D
Cloud Striker 20/jun/2018 às 0:05 
Thanks for the compliment :D
Z3R0's 10th Incarnation 18/jun/2018 às 6:32 
dOcToR wHo JoKeS
Shiro❤Luna 21/mai/2018 às 16:25 
:balloon::balloon::balloon::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::D:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:D::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::balloon::balloon::balloon: