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Posted: May 27, 2019 @ 1:13pm
Updated: Dec 25, 2019 @ 5:43am

So instead of making a block text I will make 2 lists to show the pros and cons.


- There are a total of 73 Heists, which some can be completted in Stealth or Loud.
Certain Heists are also Multi-day Heists, up to 3 days in one Heist.

- Featuring a lot of unique Perk Decks to change up your gameplay. Heck, even most Perk Decks work still up to the second hardest Difficulty in the game (Death Wish)

- 7 Difficulties in the game to choose:
Normal - Hard - Very Hard - Overkill - Mayhem - Death Wish - Death Sentence and a One Down Filter for each Difficulty.

- There are also 2 Gamemodes, Crime Spree and Holdout. Crime Spree is a Spree of heists to earn Rewards in a pool and later claim this to get your rewards. The More Heists you do, the Harder the difficulty gets but also
increasing your Rewards.
At Holdout you have to withstand 9 Waves of Cops for defending a Hostage.

- You can play with 3 Friends in your lobby or play Public games, however if you want to play alone there is still a Team-AI, that also can be disabled to be absolute solo.

- 167 Weapons including Primary and Secondary Weapons.
A lot of Melee Weapons and Throwables ranging from certain types of Grenade's (Incendary, HEF, Frag), Molotov's and Flashbang's.

- 24 Playable Characters

- Legacy Collection featuring every DLC except h3h3 Character Pack, Border Crossing Heist, Tailor Pack 1, Cartel Optics Mod Pack.

- Amazing OST


- A butt-ton of DLC's that include Perk Decks, Heists, Characters, Weapons and Weapon Mods.
Around Half of the entire Heists are DLC, this however isn't that big of a deal since you still can join others that have a DLC Heist that you do not own.
DLC Weapons/Mods that are not owned are definitly limiting your Inventory, especially if you are looking forward to play higher Difficulties (Death Wish, Death Sentence).

- Bugs/Crashes and other Issues that can be encountered while playing or even when trying to join others.
What would you expect from a Co-op FPS that has Diesel Engine (Racing Game Engine)?

- A lot of Cheaters or unexperienced Players on higher difficulties (Death Wish, Death Sentence).
Same goes for Stealth if not worse since a few people abuse a few "mods" (Silent Assassin, No pager on Domination) to fully clear out an entire Heist and they do not even claim it as cheating. Good Stealth right?

- Some of those 73 Heists are just variations, for example there are 4 different Bank Heist's for Cash, Gold, Deposit Boxes or Random.

- There is a Tutorial Mode showing somewhat the basics of Stealth and Loud but other important things for example Skills/Perk Decks or Difficulties won't be explained at all.

Best way to play this game is buy purchasing the Legacy Collection instead and trying to play with Friends.
At least for me, I cannot play Death Sentence or Death Wish on Public lobbies, either too many cheaters or noobs. Solo isn't the best way to have fun as well (except Stealth).
However playing on lower difficulties (Normal - Mayhem), you are in most of the times good to go, even on Public games.
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