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Richard the Edgelord Strikes (Emo Warning)

cynic: Dumb rich kids

Soldier Of The Black Legion 2 hours ago
not a kid idiotic old man

Soldier Of The Black Legion 2 hours ago
how can a kid have hales own rocket launcher explain that

Soldier Of The Black Legion 2 hours ago
am i a kid who sees the world as a playground or a young man learning why to hate his own kind tell me if im a kid how do i know such things

cynic 2 hours ago
Because you deliberately go out of your way in salt and rage to shitpost on someone's profile for making a comment that was pretty much a joke. Congratulations for taking the bait. :Winking:

Soldier Of The Black Legion 1 hour ago
salt rage is my own kinds way ok killing one another in cold blood over a game

Soldier Of The Black Legion 1 hour ago
sad why i dispise my own kind for acting like children whats next going to kil a guy whos on a game death is inevitable

Soldier Of The Black Legion 1 hour ago
heres a joke humen life is expendable

cynic 54 minutes ago
My comment section isn't a reddit discussion.

:rcry: <- Click the face for feels


Quotes from Philosophers

Sunday, August 12, 2018
2:27 PM - Res: fuck
2:27 PM - Res: niggers
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Res 3 hours ago 
Tries to blame his actions in Vietnam on others, but he knows it was of his own doing.
goat Sep 17 @ 7:56pm 
added to ask a q
Res Sep 14 @ 6:24pm 
Actually exhumed his whole entire dead nigeria storage just to prove the point he smells bad.
Shmashing Zilla Sep 13 @ 6:43pm 
send me a offer of your highest offer for my Smoking Headsplitter
dal - XP edition Aug 28 @ 3:50pm